Housing Access Peterborough FAQ

How long will I have to wait?  

When you apply for housing, you can choose one, some or all housing providers that you qualify for. The length of time depends on how flexible you are about where you want to live and the type of housing you want.

Wait times vary with the number of bedrooms applied for based on supply and demand.  Approximate wait times are as follows:

  • Bachelor                                   8-10 Years
  • 1 Bedroom  - Senior               4-5 Years
  • 1 Bedroom - Non-Senior        9-11 Years
  • 2 Bedroom                               4-5 Years
  • 3 Bedroom                               2 Years
  • 4 Bedroom                               3-4 Years
  • 5 Bedroom                               3-4 Years
  • Rural (County)                          2-3 Years

After your application is complete and you have been deemed eligible, you will be placed on the centralized waiting lists of the providers you have chosen. When these providers have a vacancy in one of their communities, they will refer to the centralized waiting list and contact the household that has the earliest date of application.

How will I be contacted for an offer? 

You will be contacted directly by the housing provider when a vacancy exists.  You will be contacted by telephone and/or mail so it is very important that you make sure that we have a current phone number and address on your file.

How many offers do I get? 

You are entitled to 3 offers of housing. If you refuse 3 offers of accommodation, your file may be cancelled. If you are still interested in Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing, you will have to reapply with a new application date.

If you are offered a community that you are no longer interested in, please contact us to remove this area so that your next offer is not for the same community.

If you accept an offer of Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing with any of the participating social housing providers, your file will be closed. If you then wish to move to another community, you will have to reapply with a new application date.

If I am housed somewhere that is not my first choice, am I still on the centralized waiting list for other locations?

No, once you accept an offer of accomodation, you are considered adequatly housed, and your name is removed from the centralized waiting list.  If you want to move or transfer, you must follow the Internal Transfer policy of the housing provider you currently live with, or reapply to be included on the centralized waiting list.  This is why it is very important to choose your building location choices carefully.

What if I owe money to a social housing provider? 

You cannot be placed on the centralized waiting list if you or anyone in your household owes arrears to a social housing provider. If you or anyone in your household does owe arrears, you must make arrangements with the housing provider to pay. Each housing provider creates a repayment plan that works for them; some may requrie a full payment, others may allow for a payment plan.  Housing Access Peterborough does not participate in the creation of the repayment plans.

Your application for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing with Housing Access Peterborough will only be processed once you provide confirmation that the arrears have been paid or that a repayment agreement is in place and is being followed.  Housing Access Peterborough will require a copy of the repayment plan, and proof of your first payment.  You must continue to make your payments while you are on the centralized waiting list, periodically your file may be reviewed in order to ensure you are meeting your responsibilities; if it is found that you have missed a payment or defaulted on your payment plan, your application may be cancelled.

How much will my rent be? 

If you have applied for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing, your rent will be approximately 30% of the household’s combined gross monthly income.

Individuals receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program benefits have a specific scale for rent as set by the provincial government.

Depending on circumstances, there may be additional costs such as utilities and parking.

Does Housing Access Peterborough provide emergency shelters? 

No, but staff at Housing Access Peterborough can provide information on emergency shelters located in the Peterborough Area area. You may also contact the City of Peterborough for more information.

YWCA Crossroads - Provides emergency shelter services for women, aged 16 years and older, and their children who are leaving an abusive situation.

The Brock Mission - Provides emergency shelter, food, clothing, support  and referrals for community services to single males who are over the age of 24.

Cameron House - Provides emergency shelter, food, clothing, support  and referrals for community services to single women who are over the age of 24.

Youth Emergency Housing (YES) - Provides hostel services to youth aged 16 to 24 years and to families with children.

4 County Crisis - Community Mental Health Crisis Response Program.  Provides services to individuals over the age of 16.

ShelterSafe.ca - An online resource to help women and their children seeking safety from violence and abuse. A clickable map will serve as a fast resource to connect women with the nearest shelter that can offer safety, hope and support.

How do I apply for a market rent unit? 

If you are interested in applying for a market rent unit, please contact the housing provider directly. Housing Access Peterborough does not maintain a centralized waiting list for these units.  You can access contact information for private landlords and housing providers as well as information on other types of housing and related services through the Housing Resource Centre.

Peterborough Housing Corporation posts its' Market Rent Vacancies on their website.  Please follow the directions on how to apply.

How do I apply to a different municipality?

If you are interested in applying to another municipality in Ontario, please contact the coordinated access group in that area. They will be able to provide you with information on the social housing available in their community. A list of these groups is available through the Ontario Non Profit Housing Association.  The housing application is not transferable between municipalities, you must apply and be screened for eligibility in each municipality you are interested in. 

Can I apply if I own a house?

Yes, you can apply for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing if you own a home.  You must sign an Agreement to Sell Form in which you agree to sell your home, or make reasonable efforts to sell, within 6 months of being housed in Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing.

I am a single parent, OR, I get my children every other weekend, are they eligible for a bedroom?

If you are a single parent household, for all children listed on your application, custody documents are required and include court ordered agreements showing joint custody, a visitation agreement or other custody/access provisions. For Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program recipients, a document on letterhead listing the children is acceptable. This information must be received before we can consider your application eligible for an additional bedroom. Your application will continue to be processed based on the maximum bed size you qualify for while you are gathering this information, and once submitted the application will be updated to reflect the new bed size.

I am pregnant, can I change the number of bedrooms I have applied for?

Yes, if you are pregnant please let Housing Access Peterborough know and provide verification from your medical practitioner indicating your expected due date.  Once we have verification, your application will be changed to the appropriate bed size and you will be mailed a letter indicating your new position on the centralized wait list.

Do you have modified or wheelchair accessible units available?

There are a number of units that have been modified to accommodate people with disabilities. These modifications may include wheelchair/scooter accessibility, building architecture including the design and shape of rooms and size of doorways, and physical features such as doors, doorknobs and windows. Information about these Modified Accessible Units is available in the listings and descriptions of Housing Providers.

Is parking available?

The majority of our units have parking available, however some communities and some senior designated buildings have extremely limited parking; in some instances there may be a waiting list for a parking spot.  If you own a car and parking is mandatory, please indicate this on your application form.  If you indicate you are unable to accept a unit where parking is not a guarentee, you will be excluded from building choices where parking is not available.  If you are willing to find alternate parking for your car, please indicate this, and you will not be excluded from those building selections. 

It is important to note that your wait for housing may be extended if you place a parking restriction on your application.

I am unable to do stairs, require a ground floor or a building with an elevator.

If you require a ground floor unit, a building with an elevator, or are unable to climb stairs, for medical reasons please indicate this on your application form.  You will be excluded from any building selections that cannot meet your needs.  You may also be requested to provide medical documentation to support this request.

It is important to note that your wait for housing may be extended if you place a building selection restriction on your application.

Where am I on the centralized wait list?

Housing Access Peterborough no longer provides applicants with their position on the centralized wait list, instead we now now provide applicants with estimated wait times with their Eligibility letter and approximately once year thereafter with their Annual Update letter. 

I presently live in Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing, but want to move to a different location.  What do I do?

If you are a current tenant in Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing and want to move to a different location, there are 2 options.  If you want to move to a different unit in the same housing community, you can apply for an internal transfer with your current housing provider; if you live in a Peterborough Housing Corporation community you complete a Internal Transfer Application.  If you want to move to a community operated by another housing provider, you must complete a new Housing Application Form indicating the communities you want to appy to; you will then be placed back on the centralized waiting list - there is no process to transfer between housing providers.

What is the Rent Supplement Program?

A Rent Supplement Program is a subsidized housing program where a private owner/landlord of a building has entered into a legal agreement to lease a limited number of units in their building to persons eligible for subsidized housing who have been referred to them.  An example is the Rent Supplement Program operated by Peterborough Housing Corporation.