Community Regeneration


In order to plan for the future needs of its residents and applicants Peterborough Housing Corporation (PHC) has recently undergone a review of the current housing stock that the Corporation owns and manages within the city and county of Peterborough. A 10-15 year plan is being developed and it will guide PHC's decisions for our existing stock, including improvements to our properties and any new project developments. The plan will inform PHC on the size and design of the new units and locations throughout the city and county of Peterborough.

 In 2016 PHC acquired the former Fleming College property on Bonnacord Street. In 2017 PHC will be moving forward with a new development on the site. The existing building will be redeveloped into 36 units and an additional 80 unit addition to the site is being proposed. Units will range from one to three bedrooms of affordable housing, some with rent supplements and support services. In a report to Council, at the time of the approval of the acquisition of Fleming College property, Council agreed to allow PHC to sell or leverage certain properties in order to develop the new units at the Bonnacord location. The properties chosen by Peterborough Housing Corporation are some of the semi detached houses on Denne Crescent, Collison Crescent and Collison Avenue. These are predominantly 4-5 bedroom units that are often underutilized and do not meet the highest demand on the chronological wait list for rent geared to income applicants.

PHC will consider selling or leveraging some of the housing stock on Denne and Collison over the next few years. There are 50 units in total and any that are considered for sale will be sold only when they are vacated through attrition. Families that are eligible to reside in these units will not be forced to vacate their units in order for a sale to proceed. PHC will also offer some of the units for sale to PHC tenants and will partner with the City of Peterborough's Affordable Housing Grant Program that assists new home owners with the down payment for a home. CMHC and other financial institutions will be asked to participate in meetings with a goal of educating our residents on requirements and responsibilities of home ownership.

PHC will meet with our residents on Denne Crescent, Collison Crescent and Avenue to inform them of our housing options strategy. We will assure them that this will be a thoughtful and transparent process that will happen over several years and will not disrupt current eligible tenancies.

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Peterborough Housing Corporation (PHC) has partnered with the City of Peterborough and Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) to bring home ownership opportunities to interested and Eligible tenants.


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